Today, I’d like to start by focusing on my home state. There’s a place called The Queens Galley located in Kingston, NY. For all you city folk, thats a quick hop,skip, and a jump on the Metro-North Railroad about 2 hours from Midtown. That being said, they are doing some really good things and teaming up with some major players to embrace a growing problem, and that problem as we know it, is HUNGER. There are thousands of people in this great state that don’t have the means to obtain food or a roof over their own head, for that The Queens Galley acts as an amazing resource. The Queens Galley is located at 254 Washington Ave. in Kingston, NY 12401. They can be reached via telephone at (845) 338-3468.

“The Queens Galley soup kitchen is open every day of the year, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to anyone seeking a meal. Each meal is prepared from scratch with the assistance of volunteer chefs, culinary students and professionals as well as dedicated community members. The Queens Galley soup kitchen enjoys a wonderful rapport with our local farms. We are especially grateful to Migliorelli farms, Phillies Bridge farm project, Hearty Roots, RSK farms, Bread Alone and Saulpaugh farm for their generosity during the growing season. Volunteers are always welcome! We begin cooking each day at 7:00am and continue through 7:00pm. There are openings for help during meal prep and service as well as openings after hours for clean up projects. Food drives and fundraisers are also welcomed at any time”! – from the website –


Hey Readers, Happy New Year !!! I’m proud to announce several new changes to the H&B website this year. First off,  there’s going to be a more structured posting schedule which can be found under the “Events & Postings” tab. Second, due to the overwhelming response we got to our Rose of Sharon piece, we’re going to actually highlight a pre-selected Soup Kitchen each and every day (Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he’s going to help feed the hungry). Last, but certainly not least, we’re going to be dividing up the days of the week by doing a food related piece that’s short and sweet, with the proper citations of course, and who knows we may even bring in some special guest editors or do some 5-star interviews, but again we ask that you please refer to the “Events & Postings” tab for all the latest happenings around H&B. Have An Amazing New Year, We Look Forward To Hearing From You !!!


Hey You Crazy Freaks and Foodies, It’s Hatter Here and I’m Back With An Amazing Post-Turkey Day Sandwich. We’ve Been Anticipating Something Spectacular And That Folks, Is What You’re About To Get. It Start Off With A Bagel And Eats With That Warm Holiday Feeling Knowing You Have Just Under A Month Until Christmas. So Here Goes This Goodness, Let’s Start Off With Your Left Over Building Blocks and End With A Delicious Treat. Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • (1) 1 New York Bagel (And Others Just Won’t Do)
  • (1) 1 Ziploc Bag® of Left Over Cranberry
  • (1) 1 Ziploc Bag® of Left Over Turkey (Dark Meat & Skin Preferred)
  • (1) 1 Ziploc Bag® of Left Over Stuffing
  • (1) 1 Ziploc Bag® of Left Over Mashed Potatoes
  • (1) 1 1/4 Cup of Left Over Gravy
  • (1) 1 Tsp
  • (1) 1 Bread Knife (That’s One THat’s Kinda Big With The Shark Teeth)
  • (1) 1 Large Plate
  • (1) 1 Empty Stomach ( Yes, I Personally Suggest This)

So Here’s How We’re Gunna Get Busy Guys & Dolls, We’re About To Embark On Yet Another Sensual Culinary Adventure. We’ve Got Our Tools, We’ve Got Our Blueprints, Let’s Get Crazy !!! First, You’ll Need To Cut That Bagel In Half, That Lay It Out On Your Plate. Second, You’ll Need To Take That Teaspoon & Take A Scoop Of Cranberry Sauce And On Put It on Each Half Of The Bagel. After That, Do The Same Thing With The Stuffing (Both Sides Makes A Bigger Sandwich). Now Carefully Select Your Turkey Meat (Dark Meat Chunks Always A Plus, And If You Throw Some of The Skin In There, There’s An Extra Crunch), Place That On Your Sandwich, Just One Side. Now Pop Your Gravy In The Microwave (45 Seconds Max). Gently Drizzle The Gravy Over Your Sandwich. Finally, Take The Left Side And Place It On The Right Side And Cut The Monster In Half With Your Bread Knife. Garnish With Some Extra Mash or Maybe Some Potato Chips And You Are Good To Go.


Hey Folks, Happy Thanksgiving For Starters. I’d like to take a few moments and thank everyone who has shown us support over the last few days. Our Thanksgiving project has been echoed on other pages, bulletins and billboards. We want to especially thank Rich Weaver (the social media guru) who has thrown our link and our blog in front a few thousand folks. Now with that being said, we’ve added the Fan Feature on Facebook as well as constantly update our Tweets on Twitter. We personally hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and keep those suggestions and comments coming.


“Link, Your Sword”

November 24, 2009

Hey You Crazy Array Of Foodies From All Walks of Life! Yeh I’m Talking To You Over There Staring At His Stove Going, WTF Are These Dials !?!?!?!. We’ve Made Some Updates & Improvements To The Site And, Well We Want You All To Check Them Out. We Could Also Use Some Comments Too…Just Saying. So We’ve Updated Our Links Page – It’s Got Great Summaries, Great Holiday Gift Ideas, & It’s Free When You Favorite Our Page “or” Cookie The Link. We’ve Also Been Busy Writing A Special Holiday Blog, So Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled. On Another Note Thanksgiving Eve/Day Timeframe Should Be Interesting To See What We Post – We’re Featuring All 50 States, So Be On The Lookout. We Want Traffic & We Need The Word Spread !!!!

Take Care You Crazy Kids – Keep Doing What You Do!!!