Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen! Tonight Is Yet Another Milestone For Hatter & Beanz As We Wrap Up The First Month Of Our Twelve Month Campaign. Most Of You Are Watching The Grammy Awards Or The NFL Pro Bowl But When You Get A Chance We Ask That You Take 5 Or 10 Minutes And Read Not Only Tonight’s Post But The Last Thirty One Posts We’ve Published Since January 1st, 2010. On This Thirty First Day, We’d Like To Journey To New England And Head Off To Augusta, Maine. Why So North, You Ask? Well Sometimes We Need A Change, And That’s Exactly What Bread Of Life Ministries Of Augusta, Maine Is Doing. They Are Simply Changing Peoples Lives For The Better. Whether They Are Hungry Or Homeless, Bread Of Life Ministries Is Offering Up Their Services, And On Average They Serve Nearly 35,000 Meals Annually. The Bread Of Life Ministries Soup Kitchen Is Located At 157 Water Street, Augusta, Maine 04332.

Bread of Life Ministries is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian charitable ministry, founded in September, 1984 by Carolyn Neighoff and several other dedicated people from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. They joined together and opened the soup kitchen at 157 Water Street, where it remains today. In 1986, the emergency homeless shelter on Hospital Street was opened. Mr. Roger Gould, a member of Green Street United Methodist Church, created a wheat emblem for us, and that emblem now appears at the top of all our stationary, cards, and banners“. – From Their Website –


Hey Readers, How Are You Guys Doing? There’s One Heck Of A Frost Wave Slamming The East Coast Right Now, And before It Gets Too Late I Wanted To Add My Daily Post. Today, Our Journey Takes Us Somewhere Captivating, Yet Simple Enough To Spread To A Great Message And Supply An Awesome Meal. Has Anyone Ever Been To Evansville, Indiana? Well Folks That’s Where We Are Headed. Located In The Heart Of Evansville, Indiana Is The St. Mary Catholic Church, Where Every Month On The 3rd Saturday They Open Their Hearts And Offer Their Services At The Potters Wheel Located At 319 Jefferson Ave, Evansville, Indiana, 47713.

The Potters Wheel is an inner city ministry in Evansville, Indiana and has developed into a very effective ministry in the Tri state area. The Potters Wheel lies on the borders of Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Blessed with generous start up funding donations, willing volunteers and strong leadership, Potters Wheel Ministries is winning souls for Christ and changing lives among inner city residents of Evansville, Indiana. Once a haven for drug activity, prostitution and crime, the inner city of Evansville is going through a major transformation. This inner city neighborhood of Evansville, Indiana is becoming a quiet, safe environment for residents, their children and families. The Potters Wheel Ministries offers many services for low income residents of the inner city of Evansville, Indiana including a ministry that goes into the neighborhood and ministers to families and residents with a home visit“. – From Their Website –

Hey There! Tonight, I Get To Go Back Home, And Feature A Local Soup Kitchen Of Sorts. When I Was Younger Lad, Roughly 3-4 Years Ago I Used Hang With My Fellow Irishmen In Times Square, New York City. Today, As A Much Older And Wiser Man, I Can Appreciate Some Of The Great People And Great Organizations NYC Has To Offer. One Of Those Groups Are The Folks Who Twice A Week Offer Up A Meal To Hungry And Homeless That Gather At Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church In New York City. The Soup Kitchen Is Open Every Tuesday And Thursday At 1:00PM. Saint Luke’s Is Located At 308 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

Tradition tells us that Saint Luke was a physician, the author of the third Gospel.  As such he has been for centuries the patron saint of healing.  We invite all people to join us at Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church – The Lutheran Church of Times Square“. – From Their Website.

Hello My Fellow Readers, I Hope You All Have Had A Very Good Week Thus Far. Big Things Going On All Across The Country, President Obama Gave His First State Of The Union Address, ESPN’s Winter X Games Began This Evening, And We Are Five Whole Days Away From Groundhog Day. WooHoo! Better Yet, I’ve Got Another Wonderful Post And This Time It Comes From Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Idaho Falls Community Outreach Center Offers A Hot A Hearty Meal To Anyone In Need And Has Averaged About 14,000 Meals A Year Since 2006. The Soup Kitchen Is Open Monday To Saturday From 12 Noon Until About 1:00PM. The Idaho Falls Community Outreach Center Is Located At 301 South Boulevard, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401.

The Community Outreach Center started as a dream shared by several members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, who worked in the Soup Kitchen in the basement of that same building. We wanted to move the Soup Kitchen to a bigger, more accessible location that just happened to be next door. At about the same time in 2002, the two Episcopal churches were making plans to merge, so it was a perfect time to sell the St. Mark’s building, buy the neighboring MPCU building and give the Soup Kitchen a new home. In 2003 that is exactly what happened. And since there was so much extra room, we invited four other charities to share the space at no charge. With this development, a new Board of Directors was formed to run the newly named Community Outreach Center. A facility dedicated to housing social service charities free of charge, so that they could use their meager funds on their very important missions“. – From Their Website –

Hey Folks, Happy Wednesday !! Welcome To Another Edition Of Shelter Spotlight. Today Our Year Long Journey Takes To The Wonderful City Of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Located In The Heart Of Las Cruces Is The El Caldito Soup Kitchen Where Nearly 60,000 Wonderful People Are Served Each Year. The El Caldito Soup Kitchen, Under The Guidance Of Gabe Chavez, Provides Hot Meals For The Hungry Of Las Cruces And The Surrounding Areas. The El Caldito Soup Kitchen Is Located At 999 West Amador, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005. They Can Be Reached By At (575) 525-3831.

Our mission is to prepare and serve meals free of charge to individuals, children and families without regard to race, creed, gender, ages, sexual orientation, handicap, religion, veteran status, income, or national origin. El Caldito provides a complete, nourishing meal, using available provisions, to all who come to our door. Hunger and need are our only criteria. A hot prepared meal is served every weekday (Monday through Friday) from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. and a carry-out sack lunch on Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to noon. The soup kitchen opens at 8:30 during the week and 9 a.m. on Saturday to prepare meals and process donated foods“. – From Their Website – 

Howdy Folks And Happy Tuesday !!! Today Is All About Numbers. It’s Officially Our 50th Post On Hatter & Beanz (insert applause here). Secondly, We’re Getting Numerically Crazy Today. That’s Right We’re Featuring A Shelter That Managed To Fill Over 21,000 Different Volunteer Shifts In 2008, And Nearly 25,000 In 2009. That’s Pretty Darn Good If You Ask Me. Not Only Has This Shelter Put Up Those Numbers, But They’ve Averaged Nearly 12,000 Hot Meals A Year Through Their Soup Kitchen Each Of The Last Five Years. WOW! Anyone Know Who I’m Talking About? The Answer Is The Poverello Center, Inc. Of Missoula, Montana. The Poverello Center, Inc. Serves The Greater Missoula Area And Is Located At 535 Ryman Street In Missoula, MT 59802. They Can Be Reached By Phone By Calling (406) 728-1809.

The Poverello Center operates transitional housing facilities for homeless families, The Joseph Residence, and for homeless veterans, The Valor House, as well as a daytime, drop-in center for the chronically homeless, The Salcido Center. Clients of all programs represent the homeless, working-poor, disabled, mentally ill, elderly, veterans, families, runaways, children, and folks struggling with substance abuse recovery. Nonviolence, gentle personalism, and the community organizing model are the ideals which inform all actions and decisions at the Pov.  It is understood that all individuals are equally worthy, that no one has a monopoly on the truth, and that we have much to learn from one another. There is a consistent refusal to participate in or condone any act of violence, any act of harm or humiliation, including sexism or racism. All violence is interrupted and attempts are made to resolve conflicts with respect. The Pov recognizes, nurtures, and celebrates community by building relationships through its programs, special events, and outreach.  The Pov continually raises public awareness of homelessness at local, state and national levels through education and advocacy programs designed for policy-makers, community and business leaders, other homeless service organizations, students, news media, and the general public“. – From Their Website –

How Ya’ll Doing On This Wonderful Monday? I’m Personally Feelin’ Pretty Good About Tonight’s Shelter Spotlight, And I’m Sure You’d Love To Know Why? Well What’s The Craziest Idea You’ve Ever Had? Cliff Diving? Bungee Jumping? Maybe Spearheading Soup Kitchen Operations For Your Local Church Since The 1970’s?  And That’s Exactly What Father Francis Schweitzer Did. Today Holy Family Church’s Soup Kitchen Stands As One Of The Best Soup Kitchens Serving The Less Fortunate Residents Of Columbus, Ohio. The Holy Family Church Is Located At 584 West Broad Street – Columbus, OH 43215. The Office Can Be Reached By Phone At (614) 221-4323.

Holy Family was established in 1877 just west of downtown Columbus, Ohio in the historic area known as Franklinton. Holy Family is home to many good people and quite a number of ministries, including a soup kitchen and the Jubilee Museum. Our parish membership is just over 500 families. In addition to our English liturgies, we are the indult parish for the Latin Tridentine Mass which is celebrated weekly at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays and on the First Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. and Holy Days. Holy Family operates a soup kitchen and food pantry where we serve over 700 hot meals each day, Monday through Friday and provides groceries weekly to over 250 families. The Jubilee Museum, founded in 1998, houses treasures of our Catholic Heritage. Its extensive inventory fills the entire former high school of the parish, and has been visited by Cardinal Marchisano, Cardinal Arinze, Father Benedict Groeschel and thousands of tourists. Holy Family Parish has survived major floods (1913 and 1957), a fire in the mid-1950’s, and the incursion of three freeways. We remain a vibrant parish with a variety of activities and organizations to meet the needs and interests of all ages“. – From Their Website –