Salsa comes in many ways, and many forms. Some folks in the midwest like things extra hot, some folks on the east coast like a crisp fresh taste sensation. Whatever it might be that your taste buds enjoy, use those ingredients, and just follow my basic steps. Here’s what I prefer to use, and again you can get this at your local grocery store.

  1. (1) Food Processor
  2. (1) Small Serving Bowl
  3. (1) 1 Green Bell Pepper (Diced)
  4. (1) 1/4 Medium White Onion (Diced)
  5. (1) 1 Small Can Tomato Puree (8 oz.)
  6. (1) 1/4 Cup of Lime Juice (I prefer A Freshly Squeezed Lime)
  7. (1) 1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
  8. (1) 1 tsp Soy Sauce
  9. (1) 1/4 tsp Salt

Take All The Ingridients, and in sequential order add then to the Food processor, one by one, approx. 10 seconds after each other. The ingridients should emulsify after about 3-4 minutes forming a traditional salsa. Once finished, pour your Salsa in your serving bowl and accompany with either tortilla or pita chips. Enjoy this fast and easy Salsa recipe. Happy Eating Folks!


Good Evening and Welcome To Another Installment of “Late Night Snack” (LNS For You Fans Following My Lingo). So Tonight We’re Going On A Journey, We’re Going To Go From Our Kitchen To A Taste Paradise Unbeknownst To Most, And Orgasmic To The Few Who Have Taken This Trip With Me Before. We’re Going To Witness A  Taste Eruption Like Never Before.

Here’s What We’ll Need To Search Out:

  1. (1) Large Bowl
  2. (1) Large Choclate Brownie
  3. (1) Small Jar of Rainbow Sprinkles
  4. (1) 1/2 Gallon of Mint Choclate Chip Ice Cream (The Green Kind!!)
  5. (1) Ice Cream Scooper
  6. (1) Table Spoon
  7. (1) Can Of Whipped Cream
  8. (5) Paper Towels

Now That We Have The Tools, Let’s Get Cracking…

  1. Place The Brownie In The Center Of The Bowl
  2. Squirt Two(2) Small Shots Of Whipped Cream On Opposite Sides Of The Brownie
  3. Place Two(2) Healthy Sized Scoops Of Mint Choclate Chip Ice Cream On The Top Of The Brownie
  4. Squirt Four (4) Small Shots Of Whipped Cream on Top Of The Ice Cream
  5. Shower The Sprinkles On Top
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Pick Your Spoon Up
  7. Dig In & Enjoy !!!!
  8. Feel The Taste Sensation In Your Mouth, And Get Warm & Fuzzy Inside

WARNING: Don’t Eat Too Fast You Might Get A Frozen Eyeball !!!