Hey Everybody And Welcome Aboard! Today we’re heading to Cheyenne, WY and setting our sights on the Cheyenne Interfaith Hospitality Network (CIHN). The CIHN provides warm meals, warmer coats and great services for the homeless and impoverished in and around the greater Cheyenne area. Under the direction of Carl Carmichael and Dr. Jason Bloomberg, the CIHN operates a tight ship with a very big heart. Since 2007, the CIHN has helped over 60,000 people and that number gets bigger and bigger by the day.

This initiative brings together community, faith community, social services, housing, and a multitude of volunteers in response to homeless families with children.  Through an achievable program of small steps and by providing shelter, meals, comprehensive assistance, and encouragement toward self-reliance in an atmosphere of hospitality and support, families with children work toward a stable living situation and the ability to provide for the needs of each family member.  CIHN partners with many community organizations to provide safe shelter for families in crisis.  Through our partnerships with United Way of Laramie County  the National Interfaith Hospitality Network/Family Promise and many other local and state agencies as well as private benefactors, we make available a caring environment providing a hand up to families in need. – from http://www.cheyenneinterfaith.org


Hi Folks! Here We Are Working On #48. Its Been A Crazy Trip So Far That’s For Sure And Tonight We Highlight The Raleigh Rescue Mission. Located In Raleigh, NC The Raleigh Rescue Mission Provides Shelter And A Soup Kitchen For The Less Fortunate. The Raleigh Rescue Mission Is Operated Under The Direction Of Martin Armes And His Amazing Staff. They Are Located At 314 East Hargett, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601.

Raleigh Rescue Mission rebuilds broken lives ministering to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people. Each day we strive to demonstrate Christ’s love by offering safe sanctuary, addiction recovery programs, medical care, educational and life skill classes and job-skills training“. – http://www.raleighrescue.org

Howdy Folks And Happy Valentines Day !!! I Hope Cupid’s Arrow Struck Each And Every One Of You In The Right Place This Year. Tonight We Are Taking The Shelter Spotlight Express Down To Sioux Falls, South Dakota And Featuring The Good Shepherd Ministry Center. The Good Shepherd Ministry Center Is Operated By Maria Krell And Her Wonderful Staff. Together, They Operate The Good Shepherd And Offer Several Programs To The Less Fortunate In and Around The Sioux Falls Area. The Good Shepherd Center Is Located On 300 North Main Ave, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104.

The Good Shepherd Ministry Center a non-profit, ecumenical ministry, provides daytime shelter and services for people who are homeless, poor or newly arrived in our community. For many, these services make the difference to getting a new start – and rebirth in confidence and hope that leads to a happy ending“. – From Their Website – http://www.goodshepherdsiouxfalls.org

How Ya’ll Doing On This Wonderful Evening? I’m Sure All Of You Are About To Be Struck By Cupid’s Arrow Of Love On This Valentine’s Day Eve. Tonight, I’d Like To Highlight A Very Special Group Of People That Come To Us From Denver, Colorado. Under The Direction Of Jerry Peterson And His Staff, The St. Francis Center Operates As A Non-Profit Homeless Shelter Focused On Getting Men And Women From Homelessness To Hopefulness. St. Francis Center Is Located At 2323 Curtis Street, Denver , Colorado 80205.

St. Francis Center is open to both men and women in the metro Denver area. It provides a safe and welcoming environment for people during the day when other shelters are closed or overcrowded. At SFC, guests* have the opportunity to talk with a social worker, nurse, mental health counselor and employment specialist. Meeting with these professionals is a first step toward transitioning out of homelessness“. – From Their Website  http://www.sfcdenver.org

Good Evening Readers, Tonight We’re Heading To Atlanta, Georgia To Feature The Clifton Sanctuary Missions. The Clifton Sanctuary Missions Offer An Array Of Health & Wellness Programs As Well As A Very Unique Program Called “Joe’s Place”. Dedicated In 1997, To A Former Resident Named Joe, Joe’s Place Houses Just 11 Men Who Are Willing To Take The Step From Homelessness To Independence. They Cook Their Own Meals, Do Their Own Chores And Begin To Transition From Nothing Into Something. The Clifton Sanctuary Missions Are Located At 369 Connecticut Ave NE  Atlanta, Georgia 30307.


In simple terms, we run an emergency shelter and a transitional housing program. More importantly, we welcome homeless men to a place of shelter each night providing personal hospitality in a society that is all too often very impersonal. Our mission statement defines this deeper objective. “Sharing the love of God we are a sanctuary to men seeking to overcome homelessness.” This hospitality, bound in Christian love, and our neighborhood setting have combined to provide a truly unique environment in which our guests acquire physical, mental and spiritual healing“. – From Their Website – http://www.cliftonsanctuary.com


Good Evening Ladies & Gents! Tonight We Focus On A Place That’s Offering Shelter To Not Only The Homeless, But Rather To Those In Situations That Might Harmful To Themselves Or Even Others. Tonight We Are Going To Feature Compass House. Under The Direction Of Sylvia Nadler, Compass House Goes Beyond The Generic Definition Of Homelessness And Provides Opportunity To Those Who May Be Less Fortunate. Sometimes When We’re Going To And From Work We See The Man Playing His Guitar Or The Woman Walking With A Crutch, But Rarely Do We See A Child From An Unbearable Broken Home, Or A Child Literally Left For Dead By Unwanting Parents. For Those Children There Is A New Ray Of Hope And That Is The Compass House. The Compass House Is Located At 370 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209. They Can Be Reached By Phone (If During A Crisis) At: (716) 886-0935. If Calling During Normal Business Hours They Can Be Reached By (716) 886-1351.

Safe Place began in Louisville, Kentucky in 1983 as an outreach effort of the YMCA Center for Youth Alternatives. The Safe Place program began in response to the many calls to the shelter from young people who did not have a way to get there. As a result, many youth trying to cope with personal or family crisis situations never reached the shelter. To address this issue, Project Safe Place was developed, designating businesses and community buildings as locations where youth could easily access help. Its’ success has prompted the implementation of this youth shelter outreach program in 714 communities throughout the United States“. – From Their Website – http://www.compasshouse.org

Howdy! Howdy! Howdy! First Off, Hatter & Beanz Would Like To Congratulate The New Orleans Saints On Their Very Impressive Super Bowl Victory This Evening Against The Indianapolis Colts. As A Tribute To The New Orleans Saints I’d Like To Feature A Very Important Food Bank This Evening. If We Can All Take 2 Minutes Out Our Celebrations Tonight And Read This Installment Of Shelter Spotlight, We May Very Become Inspired To Do Our Part In Stopping Hunger Not Only Globally But Locally As Well. Under The Direction Of Jayne Wright-Velez The Food Bank Of Central Louisiana Has Been Helping Families In And Around Central Louisiana Area For Over 20 Years (That’s Nearly Two Whole Decades). A Majority Of Their Efforts Allow Some Families Up To Five(5) Meals A Per Day, Which Deserves Applause In Itself. There Are Also Many Other Great Things They Do, And Many Other Great Services They Are Able To Provide. If You’re In Or around The Area They Are Located At 3223 Baldwin Ave., Alexandria, LA 71301.

It is with the generous support of our individual and corporate donors that the Food Bank of Central Louisiana is able to serve more than 24,400 every month in our community. For every dollar donated, the Food Bank of Central Louisiana can provide five meals to families in need. In 2009, we distributed over 5.7 million pounds of food to children, families, seniors in need of emergency food assistance. Each year, the Feeding America network of food banks and food-rescue organizations distributes more than 2 billion pounds of food and grocery products to support feeding programs at approximately 50,000 local charitable agencies, including food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, after-school programs and Kids Cafes. Every dollar, every can of food, is one more step towards ending hunger in our community. The Food Bank of Central Louisiana would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all of those whose donations make our work possible every single day. Together, we can provide hope to hungry Americans“. – From Their Website – http://www.fbcenla.org