How Ya’ll Doing On This Wonderful Monday? I’m Personally Feelin’ Pretty Good About Tonight’s Shelter Spotlight, And I’m Sure You’d Love To Know Why? Well What’s The Craziest Idea You’ve Ever Had? Cliff Diving? Bungee Jumping? Maybe Spearheading Soup Kitchen Operations For Your Local Church Since The 1970’s?  And That’s Exactly What Father Francis Schweitzer Did. Today Holy Family Church’s Soup Kitchen Stands As One Of The Best Soup Kitchens Serving The Less Fortunate Residents Of Columbus, Ohio. The Holy Family Church Is Located At 584 West Broad Street – Columbus, OH 43215. The Office Can Be Reached By Phone At (614) 221-4323.

Holy Family was established in 1877 just west of downtown Columbus, Ohio in the historic area known as Franklinton. Holy Family is home to many good people and quite a number of ministries, including a soup kitchen and the Jubilee Museum. Our parish membership is just over 500 families. In addition to our English liturgies, we are the indult parish for the Latin Tridentine Mass which is celebrated weekly at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays and on the First Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. and Holy Days. Holy Family operates a soup kitchen and food pantry where we serve over 700 hot meals each day, Monday through Friday and provides groceries weekly to over 250 families. The Jubilee Museum, founded in 1998, houses treasures of our Catholic Heritage. Its extensive inventory fills the entire former high school of the parish, and has been visited by Cardinal Marchisano, Cardinal Arinze, Father Benedict Groeschel and thousands of tourists. Holy Family Parish has survived major floods (1913 and 1957), a fire in the mid-1950’s, and the incursion of three freeways. We remain a vibrant parish with a variety of activities and organizations to meet the needs and interests of all ages“. – From Their Website –


1/5/2010 – Snack-A-Day

January 5, 2010

Hey Folks, Thanks So Much For The Support You’ve Given Us During Our “365 Soup Kitchens in 365 Days”. We’re Five Days Through And The Response Has Been Awesome. That Being Said, We Are An All-Things For Blog And Every Now & Again We’re Going To Post Some Helpful Tips, Great Food Ideas, And Super Snacks Along The Way. I Now Have The Pleasure Of Posting Our First “Snack-A-Day” Piece Of The New Year. ENJOY !!!

Hatter’s Plentiful Pretzel Delight
Here’s What You’ll Need To Get Started:
– One (1) Bag Salted Pretzel Rods – I Like The Sourdough Ones
-Two (2) Tbsp Peanut Butter
-Two (2) Tbsp chocolate Syrup
-Two (2) Tbsp Butter
-One (1) Small Ramekin Dish – Approx. 6oz. Size
-One (1) Small Cooking Pot – Approx. 1 Qt Size
-One (1) Square Shaped Dish For Serving
-Place Your Cooking Pot On The Stove, Turn Heat On About An 8 (If You Have A 1-9 Scale, If You Don’t Somewhere Between Medium & Hot, Placing It Closer To Hot If You Don’t).
-Place Your Two(2) Tbsp Butter In The Cooking Pot, And Let The Butter Get A Good Melt On It.
-Once The Butter Has A Good Melt, Add Both Your Two(2) Tbsps Peanut Butter and Two (2) Tbsps Chocolate Syrup, And Lower The Heat To About A 6 (If You Have A 1-9 Scale, If You Don’t Somewhere Right At Medium)
-Let It Cook For About 5-6 Minutes, It May Start To Boil.
-After About 5-6 Minutes, And Once The Ingredients Have Come Together, Pour The Mixture Into The Ramekin.
-Let Cool For 1-2 Minutes.
-Place The Ramekin In The Center Of Your Square Plate, Surround With Pretzel Rods.

Happy First Monday of 2010 People !!! Today, We’re Taking A Trip To A Pretty Interesting Place Called Parma Heights,OH. Does Anyone Know What’s There? I’ll Tell You What’s There, A Woman By The Name Of Shannon Welker, That’s What. And What Does Shannon Welker Do, You Ask? Ms. Welker, Is One Of The Many People Helping Operate The Seeds Of Hope Food Panty of Parma Heights. Ms. Welker, Along With Her Many Volunteers, Reach Out To The Poor, The Hungry, The Folks Who Needs Some Extra TLC During The Year By Giving Them Food, Shelter, And That Little Bit Of Time It Takes To Make Those Less Fortunate, Smile. The Seeds Of Hope Food Pantry Is Run Through The Vineyard Cleveland Church Located At 6735 York Road, Parma Heights, OH 44130. If You Want To Lend A Helping Hand, Stop In And Say Hello, Or Call (440) 884-VINE.

“Our Seeds of Hope food pantry ministry takes place on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays (subject to change) of each month from Noon to 2pm. People can come one time per month to pick up a three-day supply of mostly dry and canned goods. In order to do so, you will need to bring proof of current residency, such as driver’s license or a utility bill, and will be asked to fill out a short form on your first visit. Seeds of Hope is more than just a food pantry. Often we offer blood pressure checks, employment resources, and prayer for needs. Call the church office at 440.884.8463 for further information”. – From Their Website –

Today, I’d like to start by focusing on my home state. There’s a place called The Queens Galley located in Kingston, NY. For all you city folk, thats a quick hop,skip, and a jump on the Metro-North Railroad about 2 hours from Midtown. That being said, they are doing some really good things and teaming up with some major players to embrace a growing problem, and that problem as we know it, is HUNGER. There are thousands of people in this great state that don’t have the means to obtain food or a roof over their own head, for that The Queens Galley acts as an amazing resource. The Queens Galley is located at 254 Washington Ave. in Kingston, NY 12401. They can be reached via telephone at (845) 338-3468.

“The Queens Galley soup kitchen is open every day of the year, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to anyone seeking a meal. Each meal is prepared from scratch with the assistance of volunteer chefs, culinary students and professionals as well as dedicated community members. The Queens Galley soup kitchen enjoys a wonderful rapport with our local farms. We are especially grateful to Migliorelli farms, Phillies Bridge farm project, Hearty Roots, RSK farms, Bread Alone and Saulpaugh farm for their generosity during the growing season. Volunteers are always welcome! We begin cooking each day at 7:00am and continue through 7:00pm. There are openings for help during meal prep and service as well as openings after hours for clean up projects. Food drives and fundraisers are also welcomed at any time”! – from the website –

Hey Readers, Happy New Year !!! I’m proud to announce several new changes to the H&B website this year. First off,  there’s going to be a more structured posting schedule which can be found under the “Events & Postings” tab. Second, due to the overwhelming response we got to our Rose of Sharon piece, we’re going to actually highlight a pre-selected Soup Kitchen each and every day (Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he’s going to help feed the hungry). Last, but certainly not least, we’re going to be dividing up the days of the week by doing a food related piece that’s short and sweet, with the proper citations of course, and who knows we may even bring in some special guest editors or do some 5-star interviews, but again we ask that you please refer to the “Events & Postings” tab for all the latest happenings around H&B. Have An Amazing New Year, We Look Forward To Hearing From You !!!