Good Evening Readers, Welcome To Another Informative Addition Of Shelter Spotlight. Tonight We Head To Maryland, And The Great City Of Salisbury. I’d Like To Focus Our Attention On The Christian Shelter Of Salisbury, Why? Because They Are Doing Awesome Things. Tonight We Give Praise To Their Staff Of Professionals And Thank Them For Their Many Efforts. They Are Located At 334 Barclay Street, Salisbury, MD 21804. They Can Be Reached By Phone At (410) 749-5673.

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 “With the assistance of the Sunrise Rotary Club and Toys for Tots, children’s toys, food, warm coats, scarves and gloves were distributed to the  people in the East Church Street neighborhood on Saturday, December19, 2009. In spite of cold temperatures and snow, many families  were lined up well before the announced 12 noon opening.  By the time all of the toys, food and clothing were distributed some  85 families, consisting of 145 adults and 185 children had received at least one toy per child as well as a food bag for each family.  For many of these families a spark of light and joy was kindled in an otherwise bleak Christmas“. – From


Whenever I Think Of The Number 5, That “5 Dollar Footlong” Jingle From Subway Comes To Mind, But All Kidding Aside We’re Here At Another Mini Milestone, With Shelter Spotlight #55. That Means We Are Oh, 45 Shelter Spotlights Away From #100 (Which Between Me & You Is Gunna Be Huge !!!). Tonight, My Dear Friends & Readers, We Embark To A Place That’s Much Warmer Than The Approaching Snow Storm, Headed For The East Coast (Yet, Again!), That Place Is Fargo, North Dakota. In The Center Of Fargo, North Dakota Lies The New Life Center, Which Provides Shelter, Warmth And Open Hearts To Those Who May Be Less Fortunate.  The New Life Center Is Located At 1902 3rd Avenue North, Fargo, North Dakota 58107.

It takes years for most people to find themselves in a homeless situation, and their problems are not solved within a certain set timeframe. This is why there isn’t a time limit for a stay at the New Life Center. For some, a lengthy stay at the Center might be the high water mark at this point and time in their lives. Others may find employment and be on the road to self-sufficiency in a matter of weeks. Many individuals who enter our Recovery Program find that an extended period of treatment for life controlling substances is what’s required for victory over their addictions. Mental health services for people who’ve been living on the street for an extended period of time in a survival mode provide the assurance that they won’t be turned away on a certain date on the calendar. The veteran’s who find themselves living at the Center have our pledge that they can stay however long it takes for them to receive the help they need. These services, plus the underlying support of a Christian staff, are what has made the difference in the lives of literally tens of thousands of homeless men, women and children since the inception of the “mission” in 1907“. – From Their Website –

Hey There Folks, Happy Snowy Tuesday !! Welcome To Tonight’s Shelter Spotlight, That’s Right Folks We Are The Big 4-0. No We Aren’t Forty Years Old, That Would Make Me A Very Depressing 67. Rather This Is The 40th Installment Of The Ever Popular Segment We Put Together Each & Every Day (Holidays & Weekends Included) Called “Shelter Spotlight“. Tonight Our Year Long Journey Takes Us To Phoenix, Arizona Where We Will Feature “The Phoenix Rescue Mission” Which Was Able To Serve 294,975 Meals Last Year Alone. That’s One of Those Things That Go Beyond Very Impressive And I Think We Should All Give A Standing Ovation To Marlena Padron And Jerry Sandvig And Their Wonderful Staff At The Phoenix Rescue Mission. Three Of The Important Programs I Wanted To Highlight Include The Homeless Emergency Services Program, The Addiction Recovery Program, And Finally The Family And Community Outreach Program. These Programs Along With The Outstanding Work Of Marlena’s Volunteer Staff Make The Phoenix Rescue Mission A Great Operation. The Phoenix Rescue Mission Is Located At 1801 South 35th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, 85009.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission is a family of people who really care about those who are less fortunate — and who also roll up their sleeves to see that the work of caring for these people actually happens. Our family is made up of a hard-working Board of Directors who give many contributed hours each month to the policies, procedures, and spiritual conformance of the Mission’s operations. Our staff is varied in talent and profession, yet are bound in their common effort and love for the people we serve and the Lord who has charged us to care for them. Our family is blessed with thousands of donors who give of their time, goods, and funds to allow this organization to carry out our work 24 hours each day and seven days each week.We would love to have you join our family in any way your heart may lead you. There are many ways that you can help us feed, clothe, provide shelter to the homeless, and assist young families as they strive to gain the skills and self-confidence needed to become independent“. – From Their Website –

Good Afternoon, Hatter Here Coming At You Guys A Bit Earlier Then Normal Today. How Are All My East Coasters Doing In This Insane Show? What About My West Coasters Out There In Portland, Seattle, And Los Angeles? Hope Ya’ll Are Doing Pretty Well This Weekend. And Since I Covered Both Coasts, I Think It’s Time We Settle Somewhere In The Middle. How’s Nashville, TN Sound, Good? I Think It Personally Sounds Great. In The Great City Of Nashville There Lies A Homeless Shelter That Goes By The Name Of Safe Haven, And Not Only Does Safe Haven Provide Shelter For The Homeless And Struggling, But It Provides Hearty And Healthy Meals To Them As Well. What Makes Safe Haven Unique Is The Fact That Serve Homeless Families As An Entire Unit, Whereas Most Other Shelters Separate The Men From The Women And Children. Safe Haven Family Shelter Is Located At 1234 3rd Ave, South Nashville, TN 37210. They Can Be Reached By Phone At (615) 256-8195.


“Safe Haven emphasizes the importance of the family unit to the residents, and provides various training and counseling programs.  Programs include training in:  job readiness, budgeting courses, individual and group therapy for parents and children, and enrichment through the Arts and Special Activities sector.  The goal of the program is to empower families so they can achieve long-term sustainability in independent living”. –

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, And Welcome To The 35th Installment Of Hatter & Beanz. Tonight We Head West, And Feature For You, The Works Of An Amazing Homeless Shelter Located In Rosevile, CA. The Folks At The Gathering Inn Provide Nearly 17,000 People A Place To Lay Their Head Each Year. That’s Pretty Impressive If You Ask Me. Not Only Are They Accomplishing That Number, But They Accept Folks Both Young And Old As Well. The Gathering Inn Is Located At 201 Berkeley Ave., Roseville, CA 95678.

On a cold day in January 2004, a group of ministers in Placer County met to talk about a longstanding problem in the community—there was no safe and warm place for people to go if they lacked housing during the coldest months of the year. The ministers represented many different faiths, but felt united in their desire to help those who were suffering each night in the cold. Together, the ministers imagined gathering those who were homeless into the warmth of their churches, to provide supper, overnight accommodations and hospitality. They discussed the nomadic model of care, which had been used successfully in many other parts of the country. It was a simple concept that appealed to them: the site of the hosting church would change from one night to the next“.  – From Their Website –

You See, All It Takes Is One Night, One Idea And The Rest Is History. Have A Great Night Folks.

Hello My Fellow Readers, I Hope You All Have Had A Very Good Week Thus Far. Big Things Going On All Across The Country, President Obama Gave His First State Of The Union Address, ESPN’s Winter X Games Began This Evening, And We Are Five Whole Days Away From Groundhog Day. WooHoo! Better Yet, I’ve Got Another Wonderful Post And This Time It Comes From Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Idaho Falls Community Outreach Center Offers A Hot A Hearty Meal To Anyone In Need And Has Averaged About 14,000 Meals A Year Since 2006. The Soup Kitchen Is Open Monday To Saturday From 12 Noon Until About 1:00PM. The Idaho Falls Community Outreach Center Is Located At 301 South Boulevard, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401.

The Community Outreach Center started as a dream shared by several members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, who worked in the Soup Kitchen in the basement of that same building. We wanted to move the Soup Kitchen to a bigger, more accessible location that just happened to be next door. At about the same time in 2002, the two Episcopal churches were making plans to merge, so it was a perfect time to sell the St. Mark’s building, buy the neighboring MPCU building and give the Soup Kitchen a new home. In 2003 that is exactly what happened. And since there was so much extra room, we invited four other charities to share the space at no charge. With this development, a new Board of Directors was formed to run the newly named Community Outreach Center. A facility dedicated to housing social service charities free of charge, so that they could use their meager funds on their very important missions“. – From Their Website –

Hey Folks, Happy Wednesday !! Welcome To Another Edition Of Shelter Spotlight. Today Our Year Long Journey Takes To The Wonderful City Of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Located In The Heart Of Las Cruces Is The El Caldito Soup Kitchen Where Nearly 60,000 Wonderful People Are Served Each Year. The El Caldito Soup Kitchen, Under The Guidance Of Gabe Chavez, Provides Hot Meals For The Hungry Of Las Cruces And The Surrounding Areas. The El Caldito Soup Kitchen Is Located At 999 West Amador, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005. They Can Be Reached By At (575) 525-3831.

Our mission is to prepare and serve meals free of charge to individuals, children and families without regard to race, creed, gender, ages, sexual orientation, handicap, religion, veteran status, income, or national origin. El Caldito provides a complete, nourishing meal, using available provisions, to all who come to our door. Hunger and need are our only criteria. A hot prepared meal is served every weekday (Monday through Friday) from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. and a carry-out sack lunch on Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to noon. The soup kitchen opens at 8:30 during the week and 9 a.m. on Saturday to prepare meals and process donated foods“. – From Their Website –