Sometimes Having To Move Into A Shelter Isn’t About Being Homeless At All, Sometimes A Person May Not Be Well Enough To Take Care Of Themselves And Actually Go On To Seek Professional Help. In The LaSalle Gardens Section Of Detroit, MI There’s A Place Just Like That. It’s A Place Called The Coffer Adult Foster Care Center And Then Offer Three Warm Meals A Day To Adults Who Are Seeking The Refuge From Those Around Them And To Ascend From Dependant To Independant. This Is A Place Where One Can Go And Become Accepted And Embraced From A Warm, Caring, Professional And Loving Staff. Each Resident Has Their Own Private Living Space And Cable Access Television. The Coffer Adult Foster Care Center Is Located At 2541 Lamothe Street, Detroit, Michigan 48206.


Hey Folks, Today Our Journey Takes Us To Omaha Nebraska, And We’re Going Showcase The Siena Francis House. The Siena Francis House Reaches OUt To The Sick, Hungry And Homeless In And Around The Omaha Area Offering Food, Shelter And Open Hearts. The Shelter Is Primarily For Women Who May Have Been Abused Or Experienced Mental Difficulties Throughout Their Lives. The Wonderful Staff Organizes Events, Warm Meals And Clothing Drives For The Embattled Patrons Who Reside At The Facility. The Siena Francis House Is Located At 1702 Nicholas Street, Omaha, NE 68102.

Houston In The House !!!! What Up MY Cowboys & Cowgirls, How Ya’ll Doing Today? Just A Few More Weeks Until The Little Guy Spreads Some Green Love Your, Mine And Everyone’s Way. So Here It Goes, We’re Heading To A Mighty Special Place This Evening. I’m Sure All Of You Have Heard Of The Houston Food Bank, Am I Right? Operated By An Amazing Group Of Folks Under The Leadership Of Brian Greene, The Houston Food Bank Certainly Lives Up To Its Promise Of Filling Lives. They Are Located At The Herzstein Center, 3811 Eastex, Houston, Texas, 77026.


“The Houston Food Bank is the largest source of free and low-cost food for hungry people in 18 southeast Texas counties.  A network of more than 400 charities, feeding a total of 137,000 people each week, receives more than 46 million pounds of food and prepared meals annually.  Fresh produce, meat and nonperishables are distributed from Herzstein Center, a 73,000 square-foot warehouse, and hot meals are prepared and distributed from Keegan Center, a 15,000 square-foot industrial kitchen. Additional community services range from nutrition education to assistance with food stamp applications and hands-on job training.  Red Barrels offer a convenient way for grocery shoppers to donate nonperishables for their neighbors in need.  The Houston Food Bank, founded in 1982, is a certified member of Feeding America, the nation’s food bank network.  The organization plans to grow to an annual distribution of 120 million pounds of food by 2018”. – From

Whenever I Think Of The Number 5, That “5 Dollar Footlong” Jingle From Subway Comes To Mind, But All Kidding Aside We’re Here At Another Mini Milestone, With Shelter Spotlight #55. That Means We Are Oh, 45 Shelter Spotlights Away From #100 (Which Between Me & You Is Gunna Be Huge !!!). Tonight, My Dear Friends & Readers, We Embark To A Place That’s Much Warmer Than The Approaching Snow Storm, Headed For The East Coast (Yet, Again!), That Place Is Fargo, North Dakota. In The Center Of Fargo, North Dakota Lies The New Life Center, Which Provides Shelter, Warmth And Open Hearts To Those Who May Be Less Fortunate.  The New Life Center Is Located At 1902 3rd Avenue North, Fargo, North Dakota 58107.

It takes years for most people to find themselves in a homeless situation, and their problems are not solved within a certain set timeframe. This is why there isn’t a time limit for a stay at the New Life Center. For some, a lengthy stay at the Center might be the high water mark at this point and time in their lives. Others may find employment and be on the road to self-sufficiency in a matter of weeks. Many individuals who enter our Recovery Program find that an extended period of treatment for life controlling substances is what’s required for victory over their addictions. Mental health services for people who’ve been living on the street for an extended period of time in a survival mode provide the assurance that they won’t be turned away on a certain date on the calendar. The veteran’s who find themselves living at the Center have our pledge that they can stay however long it takes for them to receive the help they need. These services, plus the underlying support of a Christian staff, are what has made the difference in the lives of literally tens of thousands of homeless men, women and children since the inception of the “mission” in 1907“. – From Their Website –

How Ya’ll Doing On This Wonderful Evening? I’m Sure All Of You Are About To Be Struck By Cupid’s Arrow Of Love On This Valentine’s Day Eve. Tonight, I’d Like To Highlight A Very Special Group Of People That Come To Us From Denver, Colorado. Under The Direction Of Jerry Peterson And His Staff, The St. Francis Center Operates As A Non-Profit Homeless Shelter Focused On Getting Men And Women From Homelessness To Hopefulness. St. Francis Center Is Located At 2323 Curtis Street, Denver , Colorado 80205.

St. Francis Center is open to both men and women in the metro Denver area. It provides a safe and welcoming environment for people during the day when other shelters are closed or overcrowded. At SFC, guests* have the opportunity to talk with a social worker, nurse, mental health counselor and employment specialist. Meeting with these professionals is a first step toward transitioning out of homelessness“. – From Their Website

Good Evening Readers, Tonight We’re Heading To Atlanta, Georgia To Feature The Clifton Sanctuary Missions. The Clifton Sanctuary Missions Offer An Array Of Health & Wellness Programs As Well As A Very Unique Program Called “Joe’s Place”. Dedicated In 1997, To A Former Resident Named Joe, Joe’s Place Houses Just 11 Men Who Are Willing To Take The Step From Homelessness To Independence. They Cook Their Own Meals, Do Their Own Chores And Begin To Transition From Nothing Into Something. The Clifton Sanctuary Missions Are Located At 369 Connecticut Ave NE  Atlanta, Georgia 30307.


In simple terms, we run an emergency shelter and a transitional housing program. More importantly, we welcome homeless men to a place of shelter each night providing personal hospitality in a society that is all too often very impersonal. Our mission statement defines this deeper objective. “Sharing the love of God we are a sanctuary to men seeking to overcome homelessness.” This hospitality, bound in Christian love, and our neighborhood setting have combined to provide a truly unique environment in which our guests acquire physical, mental and spiritual healing“. – From Their Website –


Good Evening, And Thank You For Joining Us Once Again. Welcome, One And All, To Shelter Spotlight #41. Tonight, We Enter A Place That Offers Plenty Of Warmth On Even The Coldest Of Days. There Is No Snow Pile Too High, Or Barrier Too Big For The Ministry Of Caring, Inc. Located In Wilmington, Delaware. Even Though The State Of Delaware Is Pretty Small In Size, The Ministry Of Caring, Inc. Is One The Most Sophisticated Soup Kitchen And Shelter Operations In The Country. Under The Wonderful Direction Of Ms. Barbara Kreuer, The Ministry Of Caring, Inc. Offers Three Separate Hope Houses, A Transitional Living Program, The Emmanuel Dining Room, A Catering Hall For Community Enriched Events And Many Other Projects Dedicated To The Well Being Of Those Who Are Less Fortunate Within The Surrounding Communities. The Ministry Of Caring, Inc. Is Located At 506 North Church Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801.

It is our belief that the poor should never be served poorly, but with love, dignity and respect. All Ministry of Caring programs offer hospitality and friendship, while striving to meet basic needs, and help the poor attain self-sufficiency. Our staff and volunteers minister to the poor by offering them not only the necessities of life—food, shelter, and employment—but also by helping restore their sense of self worth and hope for the future. The Ministry of Caring Inc. is committed to serving the ongoing needs of the poor: food for the hungry, shelter, transitional living, and permanent housing for the homeless, jobs for the unemployed, clothing and furniture for the needy, child care for homeless children, medical and dental services for the poor, and advocacy as well as outreach for the disenfranchised“. – From Their Website –