Hi Folks! Hatter here with an important message for all of you. I know how well received our New Year’s Resolution was, and with that we’re now bringing you a list of some of the brands that we endorse whole heartedly and fall into one of three catagories. The catagories are a) All Things Food, b) All Things Education, and c) All Things That Demonstrate A Sense Of Lifestyle & Support. I know what you’re thinking, well that can be said of any major brand with a philanthropic foundation, very true, but these are the few that go an extra mile. In the coming days, weeks, months and years we will feature these companies right here. These retailers can be reach directly by calling toll free number provided.

Activeforever  – 1-888-845-2750

“ActiveForever product categories include: Bath Safety and Hygiene, Bed and Relaxation, Dressing Aids, Ergonomic Products, Home Health Care, Kitchen Aids, Medical Alert, Mobility Aids, Nutrition, and Writing Tools. Plus solutions for: Ankles – Elbows – Knees, Arthritis Relief, Back and Neck Pain, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Exercise Therapy, Foot Care, Hand Conditions, Low Vision Aids, Parkinsons Disease, Stroke and Neuro Rehab. They also offer a wide range of discounts on both products and on the options for those products. Call Them Up For Super Deals Of The Week”.  – From Active Forever’s Website.

 PrepMe.com – SAT/ACT/MCAT Test Prep – 1-877-248-2388

Are you searching for a great tutor? Need to learn how you can improve your score? Want to get higher Verbal & Math scores? Then PrepMe has your answer. They have operators standing by 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. They will schedule appointments with you or your child and be avilable by either phone or e-mail. Very simply, they’ve been where you are, and they can help guide you to exactly where you want to be. They are a provider of premium services and care about each individual student. Call Them Right Now !!!!


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