Do We Stay Pacific Or Shall We Come Back Atlantic? Do We Go A Little North Or Keep Warm In The South? I’m Thinking We Stick To West And See If We Know The Way To San Jose. Located In The Heart Of San Jose, California Isn’t Just A Hockey Team Called The Sharks, But Rather A Homeless Shelter Called – Family Supportive House, Inc. The Folks At Family Supportive House, Are Doing An Amazing Job, And I Think We Should Give Them A Hand. One Of Their Most Recent Projects Was Something Called “Fit Body Boot Camp”, Where For $25 Folks To Get In Shape And Help An Amazing Cause. Family Supportive House, Inc. Is Located At 1590 Las Plumas Avenue, San Jose, CA 95133.

Families with children represent the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, constituting approximately 40% of people who become homeless. Over 70 percent of the residents at the Shelter are children and most are under the age of ten“. – 


Hey There You Crazy Kids, It’s Time For A Very Special Edition Of Shelter Spotlight. Everyday In This Country Thousands And Thousands Of Children Are Abused And Neglected, And For Whatever Reason We (The American Public) Don’t Hear About It Very Much, But Tonight I’m Bringing It Front And Center. Child Abuse Is A Very Sick And Twisted Act, And Many Of Us Cringe When We Hear Similar Stories On Television Or Read About Them On The Various News Sites On The Web, Tonight I’d Like To Embrace The Topic And Talk About The Hope That Actually Exists For These Kids. That Hope, Is Brought To Us By The Caring, And Loving Staff Of Austin’s House. Austin’s House Is Dedicated To Finding Proper Placement For Children Who Come From Abusive And Neglecting Situations, And For Them It’s All About The Children. I Decided To Post This Early Enough For All Of You To See The Great Work That Is Being Done At Austin’s House, And If Any Of You Have The Time Please Contact Them Regarding Volunteer Opportunities. Austin’s House Can Be Reached At P.O. Box 784, Carson City, Nevada 89423. They Can also Be Reached By Phone At (775) 267-6711.

Austin’s House accommodates both boys and girls who are unable to be maintained in their own homes until they are either reunited with their family, or an appropriate long term placement is made“. – From Their Website –

Come On Everybody, Let’s Take A Trip To The Southwest United States. We’re Heading On Down To Mesa, AZ Today And Featuring UMOM New Day Center As The Focal Point Of Our Shelter Spotlight. The UMOM New Day Center Is Operated Under The Watchful Eye Of Miss Darlene Newsom Who Is The CEO Of The Shelter And Spear Heads The Oversight Of The Programs UMOM Provides Homeless Families In And Around The Mesa, AZ Area. The UMOM New Day Center Is Located At 3333 EAST VAN BUREN STREET, MESA, AZ 85008. THey Can Be Reached via Phone at: (602) 275-7852.

UMOM New Day Centers has the wonderful privilege of impacting the lives of both adults and children through its programs. I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity, and this belief is foundational to our work in the community. If I had to explain in just one word what I love most about my work, it would be the children! We recently asked some of the children at the New Day Centers what they’d want, if they could have three wishes. They asked for many things that our own children take for granted. A few of the children wished for a car for their family. Some wished for good fortune or for money — to not be poor. One wished for a boyfriend and another wished for his father to get out of prison. But each child, without exception, wished for a home. It’s so hard to look in the eyes of children who may have never had what they would call a home.  That’s why we do what we do. The home that we provide is temporary, but hopefully, with your help, we can equip these parents to provide a real home for these beautiful children“. – From Their Website –