1/2/2010 – Shelter Spotlight

January 2, 2010

Today, I’d like to start by focusing on my home state. There’s a place called The Queens Galley located in Kingston, NY. For all you city folk, thats a quick hop,skip, and a jump on the Metro-North Railroad about 2 hours from Midtown. That being said, they are doing some really good things and teaming up with some major players to embrace a growing problem, and that problem as we know it, is HUNGER. There are thousands of people in this great state that don’t have the means to obtain food or a roof over their own head, for that The Queens Galley acts as an amazing resource. The Queens Galley is located at 254 Washington Ave. in Kingston, NY 12401. They can be reached via telephone at (845) 338-3468.

“The Queens Galley soup kitchen is open every day of the year, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to anyone seeking a meal. Each meal is prepared from scratch with the assistance of volunteer chefs, culinary students and professionals as well as dedicated community members. The Queens Galley soup kitchen enjoys a wonderful rapport with our local farms. We are especially grateful to Migliorelli farms, Phillies Bridge farm project, Hearty Roots, RSK farms, Bread Alone and Saulpaugh farm for their generosity during the growing season. Volunteers are always welcome! We begin cooking each day at 7:00am and continue through 7:00pm. There are openings for help during meal prep and service as well as openings after hours for clean up projects. Food drives and fundraisers are also welcomed at any time”! – from the website – http://www.queensgalley.org


2 Responses to “1/2/2010 – Shelter Spotlight”

  1. Good blog entry! Your blog is one of the better ones I’ve seen! Looking forward to some more entries from you.

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