4/18/2010 – Shelter Spotlight #108


Hey Folks, How Ya’ll Doing? I hope you’re having a kickass Tuesday, we’ve put a great “Happy Hour Hot Spot” post together. We’ve searched high, low, east and west for this weeks selection and trust me when I tell you it’ll be awesome for anyone in the area. I’m heading back to greatest city in the world, and featuring a spot on the West Side. The other night, we had the chance to check out the Happy Hour at Johnny Utah’s NYC the other night, and for a relaxing Tuesday Evening (or any evening for that matter) it’s fantastic. The bartenders were amazing, as drinks were refilled on request and the people were great. Here’s a few things you guys in the midtown area should keep in mind.

  • Johnny Utah’s NYC Saloon has the first ever mechanical bull – The bull riding is FREE for anyone over the age of 18, and runs on a first come, first serve basis. (Riders must present proper ID). WARNING: This can cause folks to engage in endless laughter, unforseen laughs at the water cooler in the morning, and last but not least, awesome lasting memories.


  • Happy Hour is Six(6) Days in this joint. It’ runs Monday to Saturday 4:00pm-10:00pm with several drink specials. $5 Margaritas for starters which are always a good choice. $3 Coronas and $3 Rolling Rocks. Finally, a super blow out during Happy Hour – $2 Pabst Blue Ribbons (PBRs). 


  • A menu from the smokehouse that is off the charts, if you like great steaks and BBQ. I recommend the Rattlesnake Nachos to start, followed by the Braised Pork Roast and of course you’ll need to end with the sensational Key Lime Pie.


Not only does Johnny Utah’s give you the look of an old-time Saloon, it puts other establishments to shame. It’s got the atmosphere, the crowd and certainly offers each and every one of its customers a grand ol’ time. So folks, ya’ll need to mosey on down to Johnny Utah’s and take the Bull by the Horns.

Until Next Time – Keep On Truckin’


How Was Everyone’s Thanksgiving, Good? Same Here. Actually The Butternut Squash Was Amazing As Was The Turkey, Stuffing, Potatoes and Coconut Custard Pie, But I Noticed We Might Have Been Lacking Something. That Something I’m About To Put Together For You, And Trust Me You Might Want To Put Those Kids To Bed First. This Is An Alcoholic Beverage I’m About To Construe, So Please Drink Responsibly. What You’ll Need Are The Following Items:

  • (6) Ice Cubes
  • (1) Drink Mixer/Shaker – These Are Generallt Stainless Steel
  • (1) 1oz. shot Jagermeister
  • (1) 1oz. shot Southern Comfort
  • (1) 1oz. shot Sour Apple Mix
  • (1) 0.5oz shot Lime Juice
  • (2) Shot Glasses

In The Mixer, Place Your Ice Cubes, Then Your Lime, Then Your Southern Comfort, Then Your Jager, Then Your Sour Apple Mix, Close The Top. In Your Hand Shake The Mixer For 45 Seconds to a Minute. Shake, Shake, Shake and Keep on Shaking for about Another Minute. Then Remove The Top Of The Mixer, You Should See The Strainer Holes. Pour Into Each Shot, Filling Them To The Top. Shoot The Shooter And Enjoy.


Hey Folks, Happy Thanksgiving For Starters. I’d like to take a few moments and thank everyone who has shown us support over the last few days. Our Thanksgiving project has been echoed on other pages, bulletins and billboards. We want to especially thank Rich Weaver (the social media guru) who has thrown our link and our blog in front a few thousand folks. Now with that being said, we’ve added the Fan Feature on Facebook as well as constantly update our Tweets on Twitter. We personally hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and keep those suggestions and comments coming.


“Link, Your Sword”

November 24, 2009

Hey You Crazy Array Of Foodies From All Walks of Life! Yeh I’m Talking To You Over There Staring At His Stove Going, WTF Are These Dials !?!?!?!. We’ve Made Some Updates & Improvements To The Site And, Well We Want You All To Check Them Out. We Could Also Use Some Comments Too…Just Saying. So We’ve Updated Our Links Page – It’s Got Great Summaries, Great Holiday Gift Ideas, & It’s Free When You Favorite Our Page “or” Cookie The Link. We’ve Also Been Busy Writing A Special Holiday Blog, So Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled. On Another Note Thanksgiving Eve/Day Timeframe Should Be Interesting To See What We Post – We’re Featuring All 50 States, So Be On The Lookout. We Want Traffic & We Need The Word Spread !!!!

Take Care You Crazy Kids – Keep Doing What You Do!!!


Dear Oprah,

Thanks so much for all you’ve done over the last 25 years. For the millions of lives you’ve touched, and the millions of stories you’ve been able to shed light on. You’ve truly been an inspiration to us all. Your passion, your hard-working ethic, and the moral values you hold so dear are simply unmatched. You’ve given so many folks the healthy hope they’ve needed to move forward.

Thanks For It All !!!!

-Hatter & Beanz

Quick Little Intro

November 18, 2009

Hi Folks! Welcome to Hatter and Beanz’s Blog. That’s right you crazy kids, you’ve found us, or stumbled upon us, or came across our website in one of the million or so ways the world-wide web allows you to. I’m Matt, better known as “Hatter”, and my partner is Jill better known as “Beanz”. Our blog is going to take you on a journey; a journey of your heart, your mind and well your stomach. We’re not just another food blog or place where mom or grandma or dad or grandpa can look for a recipe, we’re a social network in sense. We give you the advice you need to move forward, the advice you need to take on the everyday challenges life throws at you, and the advice you need when it comes to cooking the right meal at the right time. So I ask that each of you, by word of mouth, typed text message, or telepathic transfer spread the word of our website to your family, friends, social groups, church groups, pot luck partiers and bar maids. We ask that you check us out here and there and every few days to make sure we’re still here doing what we do best, helping our readers, our visitors and our audiences out. Feel free to comment, email or even IM us. We promise we’ll respond, in one way or another. Happy Meal Making.