Good Evening Readers, Welcome To Another Informative Addition Of Shelter Spotlight. Tonight We Head To Maryland, And The Great City Of Salisbury. I’d Like To Focus Our Attention On The Christian Shelter Of Salisbury, Why? Because They Are Doing Awesome Things. Tonight We Give Praise To Their Staff Of Professionals And Thank Them For Their Many Efforts. They Are Located At 334 Barclay Street, Salisbury, MD 21804. They Can Be Reached By Phone At (410) 749-5673.

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 “With the assistance of the Sunrise Rotary Club and Toys for Tots, children’s toys, food, warm coats, scarves and gloves were distributed to the  people in the East Church Street neighborhood on Saturday, December19, 2009. In spite of cold temperatures and snow, many families  were lined up well before the announced 12 noon opening.  By the time all of the toys, food and clothing were distributed some  85 families, consisting of 145 adults and 185 children had received at least one toy per child as well as a food bag for each family.  For many of these families a spark of light and joy was kindled in an otherwise bleak Christmas“. – From


HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL MY WONDERFUL READERS !!!! Tonight We Bring You One Of Our Best And Brightest Shelter Spotlight’s To Date. That’s Right Shelter Spotlight #50 Is Live !!! We’re Kickin’ Into High Gear On Our Journey To Spotlight The Best 365 Shelters, Soup Kitchens And Food Pantry’s From All Around The Country. Stop #50 On Our Gracious Tour Of Highlight’s Brings Us To Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis Offers Not Only Some Of The Country’s Best Sightseeing For The Very Fortunate, But Also One The Most Elaborate Homeless Shelters For The Less Fortunate. The Lighthouse: A Homeless Prevention Support Center Offers Multiple Levels Of programs For Men, Women, Children And Families. They Have One And That Is To Gradually Reduce The Number Of Homeless In And Around Annapolis And The Surrounding Areas. They Are Located At 206 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland, 21401.

“Last year the Light House was forced to turn away nearly 500 homeless people, 159 of whom were children, because we didn’t have enough room. This lack of care for our most fragile neighbors was unacceptable to hundreds of visionary Marylanders who had a dream of a more efficient way to solve the problem of homelessness in Anne Arundel County. Thanks to 4 years of hard work, dedicated planning, and generous support; we are now able to go public with our plans to build a larger and more efficient Light House! A Light House that can help 1,500 homeless people each year as they work to become housed and self-sufficient”. – 

Hey Readers And Fans !!! I Just Wanted To Say Thank You For Supporting Hatter & Beanz During Our First Full Month Being Published. It’s Been One Heck Of Journey, And As We Move Forward I’d Ask That All Of You Comment On The Blog Itself From Time To Time. We’ve Had Some Great Posts And Awesome Highlights, And We Look Forward To Providing As Much Detail As Possible Regarding The Ways You Can Give Back. That Being Said I’ve List All The Soup Kitchens We’ve Featured And Not Only Their Links But The Blog Post Links For Reference As Well. Enjoy Your Day.

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  20. Jan. 20th 2010 – Pauls Place – Baltimore, MD – Shelter Spotlight #20
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  26. Jan. 26th 2010 – Poverello Center – Missoula, MT – Shelter Spotlight #26
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Hi Folks! Welcome to day 20 of Shelter Spotlight and Operation:365. Today I’m spotlighting a small shelter located in Baltimore, MD. Pauls Place is one of the oldest and currently the 2nd largest soup kitchen in Baltimore city. Located in the heart of Baltimore Pauls Place helps in so many ways and I’d like the good folks who read my blog everyday to stop in and say Hi, Need Any Help Today?


In the summer of 1982, two volunteers from St. John’s Episcopal Church in Glyndon – Helen Martien and Reverend Philip Roulette – approached Reverend Edward Stube of St. Paul the Apostle Church on Washington Boulevard with their vision for a soup kitchen in one of the poorest communities in Baltimore City and the nation, Washington Village/Pigtown. On September 27, 1982, Paul’s Place began serving soup and sandwiches twice a week. Word spread quickly about this new soup kitchen, and within the first two years, volunteer cooks from all faiths began preparing casseroles off-site to serve at Paul’s Place. The Hot Lunch program soon expanded to seven days a week. Also during its first two years, Paul’s Place began offering a values-based Saturday morning program and summer camp for children in the community“. – From Their Website –