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  1. Jan. 1st 2010 – Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen – Huntsville, AL – Shelter Spotlight #1
  2. Jan. 2nd 2010 – The Queens Galley – Kingston, NY – Shelter Spotlight #2
  3. Jan. 3rd 2010 – Monroe Community Kitchen – Bloomington, IN – Shelter Spotlight #3
  4. Jan. 4th 2010 – The Seeds Of Hope Food Pantry– Parma Heights, OH – Shelter Spotlight #4
  5. Jan. 5th 2010 – Open Door Community – Atlanta, GA – Shelter Spotlight #5
  6. Jan. 6th 2010 – The Hoboken Shelter – Hoboken, NJ – Shelter Spotlight #6
  7. Jan. 7th 2010 – The Healing Place – Louisville, KY – Shelter Spotlight #7
  8. Jan. 8th 2010 – Homestead Soup Kitchen – Homestead, FL – Shelter Spotlight #8
  9. Jan. 9th 2010 – Cathedral Kitchen – Camden, NJ – Shelter Spotlight #9
  10. Jan. 10th 2010 – Jubilee Women’s Center – Seattle, WA – Shelter Spotlight #10
  11. Jan. 11th 2010 – The Alpha Project – San Diego, CA – Shelter Spotlight #11
  12. Jan. 12th 2010 – The Nasua Soup Kitchen – Nashua, NH – Shelter Spotlight #12
  13. Jan. 13th 2010 – The Shepherds Table – Raleigh, NC – Shelter Spotlight #13
  14. Jan. 14th 2010 – The Capuchin Soup Kitchen – Detroit, MI – Shelter Spotlight #14
  15. Jan. 15th 2010 – St. Matthew’s House – South Naples, FL – Shelter Spotlight #15
  16. Jan. 16th 2010 – City Union Mission – Kansas City, MO – Shelter Spotlight #16
  17. Jan. 17th 2010 – Bethlehem House – Conway, AR – Shelter Spotlight #17
  18. Jan. 18th 2010 – UMOM New Day Center – Mesa, AZ – Shelter Spotlight #18
  19. Jan. 19th 2010 – Catholic Charities – Alexandria, VA – Shelter Spotlight #19
  20. Jan. 20th 2010 – Pauls Place – Baltimore, MD – Shelter Spotlight #20
  21. Jan. 21st 2010 – Someone Cares Kitchen – Costa Mesa, CA – Shelter Spotlight #21
  22. Jan. 22nd 2010 – Muncie Mission – Muncie, IN – Shelter Spotlight #22
  23. Jan. 23rd 2010 – Open Pantry Community – Springfield, MA – Shelter Spotlight #23
  24. Jan. 24th 2010 – The Samaritan Inn – McKinney, TX – Shelter Spotlight #24
  25. Jan. 25th 2010 – Holy Family Church – Columbus, OH – Shelter Spotlight #25
  26. Jan. 26th 2010 – Poverello Center – Missoula, MT – Shelter Spotlight #26
  27. Jan. 27th 2010 – El Caldito Soup Kitchen – Las Cruces, NM – Shelter Spotlight #27
  28. Jan. 28th 2010 – Idaho Falls COC – Idaho Falls, ID – Shelter Spotlight #28
  29. Jan. 29th 2010 – St. Lukes Church – New York, NY – Shelter Spotlight #29
  30. Jan. 30th 2010 – The Potters Wheel – Evansville, IN – Shelter Spotlight #30
  31. Jan. 31st 2010 – Bread Of Life – Augusta, ME – Shelter Spotlight #31

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Hey Everybody !! Hatter here with some very exciting news. The focal point of today’s post will be Cathedral Kitchen which is right in the heart of Camden, NJ. The Kitchen was founded in 1976 (a few short years before I came into this earth), and has served the hungry and poverty striken with over 1,000,000 meals. Pretty amazing and impressive for a soup kitchen that’s stood nearly 35 years. When I arrived at the website a very courageous and heartwarming message welcomes readers: “The people who come to the Kitchen to eat are among the poorest residents of the city: the homeless, the jobless, those with disabilities or addiction problems, the working poor. They range in age from infants to the elderly, but whatever their age, everyone in need is welcomed at the Kitchen and given a hearty meal“. That right there, displays an unprecedented level of care, awareness, and acceptance of anyone, no matter what hardship might be bringing them down. The Cathedral Kitchen is located at 1514 Federal Street – Camden, New Jersey 08105 and call be reached via phone at (856)964-6771.


Readers, Fans and Followers, I wanted to personally take an excerpt from their website and add it to my post today, why? because I want the numbers to sink in for each and every one of you. “It is hard to believe that hunger could exist in our nation of plenty, but the fact is that according to US Department of Agriculture statistics, fully 11% of families in the United States cannot afford to feed their families every month; and with the recent downturn in the economy that figure may be even higher. Here in Camden over one-third (38%) of the population lives below the federal government’s “poverty” guidelines: their yearly income is less than $20,650 for a family of four and $10,210 for an individual. Ironically, New Jersey has a median income of over $60,000 and is ranked to be the richest state in the country“. Keeping those numbers in mind, I’d like to send a big Thank You out to three of the amazing people behind the operations of Cathedral Kitchen, they are Ms. Karen Talarico (Executive Director), Ms. Rita Cinelli (Program Manager), and Ms. Colleen Rini (Development Director) – Keep Up The Good Work !! For More Info please go to Cathedral Kitchen’s website: http://www.cathedralkitchen.org

Howdy There Folks, It’s Jan. 6th And Today’s Featured Shelter Is The Hoboken Shelter, Located In The Heart Of Hoboken, NJ. Being A Former Resident Of Hoboken Myself, I Understand How Diverse This Community Really Is. I’ve Chosen To Feature The Hoboken Shelter Because Of There Hard Work And Dedication. The Shelter Is Located At 300 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030. They Can Be Reached At (201) 656-5069.

“In 1982, fires became front-page news in Hoboken.  In response to this displacement of our neighbors, several faith-based leaders banded together to form the Hoboken Clergy Coalition.  Its main agenda was to address the issues of these fires, meet the immediate needs of the victims of this tragic time, and consider affordable housing opportunities in our community.  With the hard work and dedication of the members of the Hoboken Clergy Coalition, it founded The Hoboken Shelter.  We are most grateful to Sister Norberta for her involvement with the Hoboken Clergy Coalition.  When the shelter opened in 1982, she joined the other Clergy in volunteering her time.  Over the years, she has assumed a variety of roles, from a volunteer to the Executive Director.  In 2005, Sister Norberta retired from her position of Executive Director to the role of Clinical Case Manager.  Today, she continues to work with the guests of the shelter and leads our social service delivery programs.  We thank Sister Norberta for her unending enthusiasm, dedication, motivation, and leadership.  We are truly grateful to the support of our community to help us further our mission is to provide a safe haven for adult homeless men and women.  With the help of 2,000 – 3,000 volunteers annually, we shelter 50 people nightly, serve 200 meals daily, and provide such support services as food, shelter, case management, counseling, job and life skills training, creative arts workshops, and emergency homelessness prevention grants.  These services help our homeless guests develop the skills needed to gain employment, achieve independence, and re-integrate into the community”. – From The Hoboken Shelter’s Website: http://www.hobokenshelter.org