3/8/2010 – Shelter Spotlight #67

March 8, 2010

Welcome One And All To Another Fun Filled Hatter & Beanz Adventure. As We Catch Up And Provide You With Some Amazing Insight, Let’s Look At Where The Map Will Take Us Today…Well Folks We’re Going To Virginia. We’re Checking Out The Carpenter’s Shelter Of Alexandria,VA. First Off, I’d Like To Send A Congrats! To Fran Becker For Her 12 Years Of Amazing Service Toward The Carpenter’s Shelter, Ms. Becker Will Be Retiring From Her Post July 1st 2010. Secondly, The Carpenter’s Shelter Has Been Able To Achieve Something Very Special Through The Various Outreach Programs And Dedicated Staff That Helps Out All The Homeless Souls That Walk Through Their Doors. The Pure Dedication To Ending Homelessness Is A Task That Encompasses So Much, And Without The Carpenter’s Shelter So Much Of That Progress Would Have never Been Realized. The Carpenter’s Shelter Is Located At 930 North Henry Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.


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