2/24/2010 – Shelter Spotlight #55

February 24, 2010

Whenever I Think Of The Number 5, That “5 Dollar Footlong” Jingle From Subway Comes To Mind, But All Kidding Aside We’re Here At Another Mini Milestone, With Shelter Spotlight #55. That Means We Are Oh, 45 Shelter Spotlights Away From #100 (Which Between Me & You Is Gunna Be Huge !!!). Tonight, My Dear Friends & Readers, We Embark To A Place That’s Much Warmer Than The Approaching Snow Storm, Headed For The East Coast (Yet, Again!), That Place Is Fargo, North Dakota. In The Center Of Fargo, North Dakota Lies The New Life Center, Which Provides Shelter, Warmth And Open Hearts To Those Who May Be Less Fortunate.  The New Life Center Is Located At 1902 3rd Avenue North, Fargo, North Dakota 58107.

It takes years for most people to find themselves in a homeless situation, and their problems are not solved within a certain set timeframe. This is why there isn’t a time limit for a stay at the New Life Center. For some, a lengthy stay at the Center might be the high water mark at this point and time in their lives. Others may find employment and be on the road to self-sufficiency in a matter of weeks. Many individuals who enter our Recovery Program find that an extended period of treatment for life controlling substances is what’s required for victory over their addictions. Mental health services for people who’ve been living on the street for an extended period of time in a survival mode provide the assurance that they won’t be turned away on a certain date on the calendar. The veteran’s who find themselves living at the Center have our pledge that they can stay however long it takes for them to receive the help they need. These services, plus the underlying support of a Christian staff, are what has made the difference in the lives of literally tens of thousands of homeless men, women and children since the inception of the “mission” in 1907“. – From Their Website – http://www.fargonlc.org


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