2/12/2009 – Shelter Spotlight #43

February 12, 2010

Good Evening Readers, Tonight We’re Heading To Atlanta, Georgia To Feature The Clifton Sanctuary Missions. The Clifton Sanctuary Missions Offer An Array Of Health & Wellness Programs As Well As A Very Unique Program Called “Joe’s Place”. Dedicated In 1997, To A Former Resident Named Joe, Joe’s Place Houses Just 11 Men Who Are Willing To Take The Step From Homelessness To Independence. They Cook Their Own Meals, Do Their Own Chores And Begin To Transition From Nothing Into Something. The Clifton Sanctuary Missions Are Located At 369 Connecticut Ave NE  Atlanta, Georgia 30307.


In simple terms, we run an emergency shelter and a transitional housing program. More importantly, we welcome homeless men to a place of shelter each night providing personal hospitality in a society that is all too often very impersonal. Our mission statement defines this deeper objective. “Sharing the love of God we are a sanctuary to men seeking to overcome homelessness.” This hospitality, bound in Christian love, and our neighborhood setting have combined to provide a truly unique environment in which our guests acquire physical, mental and spiritual healing“. – From Their Website – http://www.cliftonsanctuary.com



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