2/6/2010 – Shelter Spotlight #37

February 6, 2010

Good Afternoon, Hatter Here Coming At You Guys A Bit Earlier Then Normal Today. How Are All My East Coasters Doing In This Insane Show? What About My West Coasters Out There In Portland, Seattle, And Los Angeles? Hope Ya’ll Are Doing Pretty Well This Weekend. And Since I Covered Both Coasts, I Think It’s Time We Settle Somewhere In The Middle. How’s Nashville, TN Sound, Good? I Think It Personally Sounds Great. In The Great City Of Nashville There Lies A Homeless Shelter That Goes By The Name Of Safe Haven, And Not Only Does Safe Haven Provide Shelter For The Homeless And Struggling, But It Provides Hearty And Healthy Meals To Them As Well. What Makes Safe Haven Unique Is The Fact That Serve Homeless Families As An Entire Unit, Whereas Most Other Shelters Separate The Men From The Women And Children. Safe Haven Family Shelter Is Located At 1234 3rd Ave, South Nashville, TN 37210. They Can Be Reached By Phone At (615) 256-8195.


“Safe Haven emphasizes the importance of the family unit to the residents, and provides various training and counseling programs.  Programs include training in:  job readiness, budgeting courses, individual and group therapy for parents and children, and enrichment through the Arts and Special Activities sector.  The goal of the program is to empower families so they can achieve long-term sustainability in independent living”. – http://www.safehaven.org


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