1/26/2010 – Shelter Spotlight

January 26, 2010

Howdy Folks And Happy Tuesday !!! Today Is All About Numbers. It’s Officially Our 50th Post On Hatter & Beanz (insert applause here). Secondly, We’re Getting Numerically Crazy Today. That’s Right We’re Featuring A Shelter That Managed To Fill Over 21,000 Different Volunteer Shifts In 2008, And Nearly 25,000 In 2009. That’s Pretty Darn Good If You Ask Me. Not Only Has This Shelter Put Up Those Numbers, But They’ve Averaged Nearly 12,000 Hot Meals A Year Through Their Soup Kitchen Each Of The Last Five Years. WOW! Anyone Know Who I’m Talking About? The Answer Is The Poverello Center, Inc. Of Missoula, Montana. The Poverello Center, Inc. Serves The Greater Missoula Area And Is Located At 535 Ryman Street In Missoula, MT 59802. They Can Be Reached By Phone By Calling (406) 728-1809.

The Poverello Center operates transitional housing facilities for homeless families, The Joseph Residence, and for homeless veterans, The Valor House, as well as a daytime, drop-in center for the chronically homeless, The Salcido Center. Clients of all programs represent the homeless, working-poor, disabled, mentally ill, elderly, veterans, families, runaways, children, and folks struggling with substance abuse recovery. Nonviolence, gentle personalism, and the community organizing model are the ideals which inform all actions and decisions at the Pov.  It is understood that all individuals are equally worthy, that no one has a monopoly on the truth, and that we have much to learn from one another. There is a consistent refusal to participate in or condone any act of violence, any act of harm or humiliation, including sexism or racism. All violence is interrupted and attempts are made to resolve conflicts with respect. The Pov recognizes, nurtures, and celebrates community by building relationships through its programs, special events, and outreach.  The Pov continually raises public awareness of homelessness at local, state and national levels through education and advocacy programs designed for policy-makers, community and business leaders, other homeless service organizations, students, news media, and the general public“. – From Their Website – http://www.thepoverellocenter.com


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