1/23/2010 – Shelter Spotlight

January 23, 2010

Are We North? Are We South? Where The Heck Are We Going Tonight? Tonight My Dear Friends We Travel To Springfield, Massachusetts. What’s In Springfield You Ask? The Non-Profit Group Known As Open Pantry Community Services, Inc., That’s What.  Since We’ve Focused Mostly On Shelters And Soup Kitchens, I Wanted To Take A Day And Focus On A Pretty Elaborate Food Pantry. It’s Basically Your All-In-One Organization, They Feature A Food Pantry, A Soup/Food Kitchen And Even Shelter Assistance To Those In Need. It’s Certainly One Of The Most Impressive To Date Thus Far (Not To Worry Readers We Know We Have 342 Entries Left, LOL). The Open Pantry Community Services, Inc. Main Location Can Be Found At 287 State Street, Middle Floor, Springfield, MA 01101. They Can Be Reached Via Phone At (413) 737-5354.

Open Pantry Community Services, Inc. was established as a private, non-profit organization in 1975 and incorporated as Open Pantry of Springfield, Inc. in 1977. With humanity and dignity, we endeavor to provide meaningful services and processes which can assist people who are hungry, homeless, or disadvantaged to improve the quality of their lives. Open Pantry receives wonderful support from area faith communities and houses of worship however, the agency does not have or promote any religious mission“. – From Their Website – http://www.openpantry.org


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