1/21/2010 – Shelter Spotlight

January 21, 2010

Hey Folks !!! I’ve Got Some Good News, The Weekend Is Almost Here, And We’re Heading West Once Again. Today We’re Pulling Up To A Place many Of You Have Heard Of, And If You Haven’t You Should Stop In And Tell Them Hatter & Beanz Sent You. They’ll Love The Company, And I’m Pretty Sure You’ll Get Satisfaction Lending Your Helping Hands. There’s A Place In Costa Mesa, CA Called Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, And They Certainly Care Not Only About The Homeless Hungry In Costa Mesa But In The Surrounding Areas As Well. They Are Located At 720 West 19th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

“Our mission is simple: To feed a daily nutritional meal to the homeless, the unemployed, the working poor, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, the senior citizens and most important of all – the children. We provide this meal to our guests in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. Our belief is that no one should go to bed hungry, on the street or otherwise. The Soup Kitchen provides a nutritional and tasteful meal to the less fortunate in our community. A meal that we would be proud to serve our family at home. A well-balanced meal made fresh daily consisting of vegetable soup, lettuce and fruit salads, hearty and filling side dishes, breads and muffins, desert, milk and water”. – From Their Website – http://www.someonecareskitchen.org


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