1/19/2010 – Shelter Spotlight

January 19, 2010

Oh My Goodness !!!! I’m Gunna Be Late, I’m Gunna Be Late !!!! Well Almost Late, But I’ve Got 20 Minutes To Spare. So Where Are We Heading Today, Fans? Well We Are Going To A Place Where Hurt Stops And Hope Starts. A Place Where The Sun Shines In On Even The Gloomiest Of People. I’m Talking About Christ House Located In Alexandria, Virginia. Christ House Is A Soup Kitchen, A Food Pantry & Even A Shelter For The Homeless. They Are Located At 131 South West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. They Can Be Reached By Phone At (703) 549-8644.

In a special way, Catholic Charities belongs to every Catholic within the Arlington Diocese. It must be close to our hearts and never separated from the life of the Church. As Pope Benedict declared in “Deus Caritas Est,” charity is as essential to the Church as the Word and the sacraments. One cannot exist without the other. Though the Word and the sacraments lie at the heart of the Church, charity is its soul. As we go forward, let us recall Christ’s words: “Without me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5). I urge you to join us as we renew our pledge to serve the Church through Catholic Charities“. – From Their Website – http://www.ccda.net


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