1/11/2010 – Shelter Spotlight

January 11, 2010

Happy Monday Everyone, Here We Are On Day #11 Of Operation:365 And I Can’t Wait To Tell You About Our Next Shelter Spotlight. Today’s Featured Segment Highlights The Mission and Outstanding Achievements of San Diego’s Alpha Project.

Alpha Project for the Homeless provides shelter for 2,000 Homeless Men, Homeless Women and Homeless Women in and around the San Diego, California area. They also offer some of the critical services that most of us take for granted each and every day, such as food, water, medical checkups, HIV/AIDS screenings, outreach & prevention, and even employment training. Currently the folks at Alpha Project are looking for Socks, Shoes, Sunscreen, Phone Cards, Twin Sized Sheets, Bottled Water (Case Donations), Daily Hygiene Items and both Men’s and Women’s Under Garments. Alpha Project is located at 3737 Fifth Ave., San Diego, California 92103. They Can Be Reached By Phone By Calling (619) 542-1877.

Here’s Some Information Regarding Alpha Project’s Outreach & Transportation Assistance, Directly From Their Website – “At the core of all of Alpha Project’s facilities and services is a program of Community Outreach, designed not only to assist those in need in accessing needed services, but also to assist the surrounding neighborhood in addressing homeless-related issues. Outreach workers are trained in crisis response and de-escalation, with access to transportation and a wealth of referral sources to help those in need connect with sources of support. Special focus is providing HIV/AIDS services, and placement of those with chronic illnesses or/and disabilities through the Living with Dignity Program. In 2007, Supervisor Greg Cox of the County of San Diego, funded a wheelchair accessible outreach van allowing Alpha Project to transport those with physical disabilities.  Besides its outreach efforts, Alpha Project provides transportation services to participants in all of its programs to allow access to additional services, training opportunities, and employment. Likewise, Alpha Project supports the community by offering transportation services to residents with special needs who lack access to care. Under contract with Family Health Centers of San Diego, transportation is provided to low-income families twice weekly for scheduled medical appointments and other services. Low-income seniors are also transported by appointment twice weekly to health care, shopping, and other services. Alpha Project is proud to offer its drivers and vehicles to support any partner organization in need throughout the County“. – From http://www.alphaproject.org


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