1/10/2010 Shelter Spotlight

January 10, 2010

Good Morning !!!!!! Today, We’re Heading West, And Highlighting The Amazing Efforts Of Jubilee Women’s Center Located In Seattle, Washington. Under The Current Leadership Of Ms. Melissa Ries, Jubilee Women’s Center Has Grown Substantially Not Only In Size But In Scope. The Mission Of Jubilee Women’s Center Is To Provide Women With An Enviroment That Teaches Self-Reliance And Independence. Every Woman Wants To Be Free, Jubilee Women’s Center Provides A Professional Foundation So That One Day, That Freedom Can Occur. The Women’s Center Is Located at 620 18th Ave. East, Seattle, WA 98112. You can call them at (206) 324-1244.

Here’s A Portion Of Their Mission Statement, “At Jubilee, we are led by the guiding principle that all women are to be treated with respect and dignity. By valuing the inherent gifts and talents of every woman, we focus on the positive place within her. This unique philosophy, coupled with our extensive support services helps women make permanent change from the inside out. Our mission, vision and values exemplify how we at Jubilee are working tirelessly to promote the worth, integrity, diversity, empowerment, equity of women every day, no matter what her circumstances“. – The Complete Mission Statement Can Be Found On Jubilee Women’s Center’s website: http://www.jwcenter.org


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