1/6/2010 – Shelter Spotlight

January 6, 2010

Howdy There Folks, It’s Jan. 6th And Today’s Featured Shelter Is The Hoboken Shelter, Located In The Heart Of Hoboken, NJ. Being A Former Resident Of Hoboken Myself, I Understand How Diverse This Community Really Is. I’ve Chosen To Feature The Hoboken Shelter Because Of There Hard Work And Dedication. The Shelter Is Located At 300 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030. They Can Be Reached At (201) 656-5069.

“In 1982, fires became front-page news in Hoboken.  In response to this displacement of our neighbors, several faith-based leaders banded together to form the Hoboken Clergy Coalition.  Its main agenda was to address the issues of these fires, meet the immediate needs of the victims of this tragic time, and consider affordable housing opportunities in our community.  With the hard work and dedication of the members of the Hoboken Clergy Coalition, it founded The Hoboken Shelter.  We are most grateful to Sister Norberta for her involvement with the Hoboken Clergy Coalition.  When the shelter opened in 1982, she joined the other Clergy in volunteering her time.  Over the years, she has assumed a variety of roles, from a volunteer to the Executive Director.  In 2005, Sister Norberta retired from her position of Executive Director to the role of Clinical Case Manager.  Today, she continues to work with the guests of the shelter and leads our social service delivery programs.  We thank Sister Norberta for her unending enthusiasm, dedication, motivation, and leadership.  We are truly grateful to the support of our community to help us further our mission is to provide a safe haven for adult homeless men and women.  With the help of 2,000 – 3,000 volunteers annually, we shelter 50 people nightly, serve 200 meals daily, and provide such support services as food, shelter, case management, counseling, job and life skills training, creative arts workshops, and emergency homelessness prevention grants.  These services help our homeless guests develop the skills needed to gain employment, achieve independence, and re-integrate into the community”. – From The Hoboken Shelter’s Website: http://www.hobokenshelter.org


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