1/5/2010 – Snack-A-Day

January 5, 2010

Hey Folks, Thanks So Much For The Support You’ve Given Us During Our “365 Soup Kitchens in 365 Days”. We’re Five Days Through And The Response Has Been Awesome. That Being Said, We Are An All-Things For Blog And Every Now & Again We’re Going To Post Some Helpful Tips, Great Food Ideas, And Super Snacks Along The Way. I Now Have The Pleasure Of Posting Our First “Snack-A-Day” Piece Of The New Year. ENJOY !!!

Hatter’s Plentiful Pretzel Delight
Here’s What You’ll Need To Get Started:
– One (1) Bag Salted Pretzel Rods – I Like The Sourdough Ones
-Two (2) Tbsp Peanut Butter
-Two (2) Tbsp chocolate Syrup
-Two (2) Tbsp Butter
-One (1) Small Ramekin Dish – Approx. 6oz. Size
-One (1) Small Cooking Pot – Approx. 1 Qt Size
-One (1) Square Shaped Dish For Serving
-Place Your Cooking Pot On The Stove, Turn Heat On About An 8 (If You Have A 1-9 Scale, If You Don’t Somewhere Between Medium & Hot, Placing It Closer To Hot If You Don’t).
-Place Your Two(2) Tbsp Butter In The Cooking Pot, And Let The Butter Get A Good Melt On It.
-Once The Butter Has A Good Melt, Add Both Your Two(2) Tbsps Peanut Butter and Two (2) Tbsps Chocolate Syrup, And Lower The Heat To About A 6 (If You Have A 1-9 Scale, If You Don’t Somewhere Right At Medium)
-Let It Cook For About 5-6 Minutes, It May Start To Boil.
-After About 5-6 Minutes, And Once The Ingredients Have Come Together, Pour The Mixture Into The Ramekin.
-Let Cool For 1-2 Minutes.
-Place The Ramekin In The Center Of Your Square Plate, Surround With Pretzel Rods.

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