12/14/09 – A Very Versatile Crustacean…

December 14, 2009

Happy Monday Boys & Girls, Today I Bring To You One Of The Many Fruit De Mare, The Scallop. The Scallop Is A Very Versatile Crustacean And Can Be Paired With Almost Anything. This Evening My Dear Friends, We Are Going To Create A Pan Seared, Lightly Seasoned Scallop And Present It Over A Bed Of Baby Spinach Garnished With Some Pickled Ginger.

For Some Better Tips On Searing Scallops Please Check Out Ming’s You Tube

Now That You Have The Basics Of Searing Scallops Down, I Want You To Carefully Lay Your Bed Of Baby Spinach Out On Your Plate And Then From The Hot Pan, Just Place Two(2) Of The Scallops On It. (You Should Use Either A Pair Of Tongs, Or A Fork, They’re HOT!) To Top Things Off, You Can Get Yourself Some Pickled Ginger From Your Local Supermarket, And Place A Few Garnishes On Top Of The Scallops. It’s Really Super Simple To Do And It’s Pretty Inexpensive. So Guys Out There, If Your Trying To Impress The Ladies, Get A Nice Pinot  To Pair With This Awesome Scallop Salad And Prepare To Enjoy Your Night.



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