One-A-Day 11/28/2009 – Super Shooters !!!

November 28, 2009

How Was Everyone’s Thanksgiving, Good? Same Here. Actually The Butternut Squash Was Amazing As Was The Turkey, Stuffing, Potatoes and Coconut Custard Pie, But I Noticed We Might Have Been Lacking Something. That Something I’m About To Put Together For You, And Trust Me You Might Want To Put Those Kids To Bed First. This Is An Alcoholic Beverage I’m About To Construe, So Please Drink Responsibly. What You’ll Need Are The Following Items:

  • (6) Ice Cubes
  • (1) Drink Mixer/Shaker – These Are Generallt Stainless Steel
  • (1) 1oz. shot Jagermeister
  • (1) 1oz. shot Southern Comfort
  • (1) 1oz. shot Sour Apple Mix
  • (1) 0.5oz shot Lime Juice
  • (2) Shot Glasses

In The Mixer, Place Your Ice Cubes, Then Your Lime, Then Your Southern Comfort, Then Your Jager, Then Your Sour Apple Mix, Close The Top. In Your Hand Shake The Mixer For 45 Seconds to a Minute. Shake, Shake, Shake and Keep on Shaking for about Another Minute. Then Remove The Top Of The Mixer, You Should See The Strainer Holes. Pour Into Each Shot, Filling Them To The Top. Shoot The Shooter And Enjoy.



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