Late Night Snack 11/19/2009 – The Poor Man’s S’mores

November 19, 2009

On Three, Raid The Pantry…Ready, Set..GO !!!! Ok In your pantry you need to find three very important things a  hard cracker or cookie, preferably a  chocolate chip cookie. Next you’ll need to find that half open (but sealed for freshness) bag of marshmallows and finally you’ll need a jar of good old peanut butter. This one is easy so prepare yourself with a butter knife, a paper plate, and some napkins (oh I like to compliment my Late Night Snack with an ICE COLD glass of milk).

Here are the instructions, again follow them carefully:

  1.  Lay Two (2) Chocolate Chip Cookies Flat Side Up (Chip Side Down)
  2. Take A Butter Knife and Apply The Peanut Butter From The Jar to The Cookies
  3. Lay The Cookies Back Down
  4. Pull Out 2 or 3 Marshmallows From The Bag
  5. Place The Marshmallows on the Peanut Butter
  6. Take The Cookies And Sandwich Them Together
  7. Stare at the Gooey Goodness
  8. Bite and Fulfill Your Midnight Craving
  9. Then Down That Glass Of Ice Cold Milk I was Telling You About

Happy Midnight Snacking Kiddies !!!


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