Quick Little Intro

November 18, 2009

Hi Folks! Welcome to Hatter and Beanz’s Blog. That’s right you crazy kids, you’ve found us, or stumbled upon us, or came across our website in one of the million or so ways the world-wide web allows you to. I’m Matt, better known as “Hatter”, and my partner is Jill better known as “Beanz”. Our blog is going to take you on a journey; a journey of your heart, your mind and well your stomach. We’re not just another food blog or place where mom or grandma or dad or grandpa can look for a recipe, we’re a social network in sense. We give you the advice you need to move forward, the advice you need to take on the everyday challenges life throws at you, and the advice you need when it comes to cooking the right meal at the right time. So I ask that each of you, by word of mouth, typed text message, or telepathic transfer spread the word of our website to your family, friends, social groups, church groups, pot luck partiers and bar maids. We ask that you check us out here and there and every few days to make sure we’re still here doing what we do best, helping our readers, our visitors and our audiences out. Feel free to comment, email or even IM us. We promise we’ll respond, in one way or another. Happy Meal Making.


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